What Is A Egress Window?

Not only will a egress window bring natural light and raise your property value but as the name implies, egress windows can be an escape route for you and your loved ones. A basement is usually a confined area, which may be hazardous in a situation if a fire has broken out upstairs. This is because there's generally only one escape.  If this path is blocked, the results may be deadly.  Ideally, each and every basement room needs to have a minimum of 2 ways out. One leading to the top floor and the other leading directly to the outside, so that nobody gets trapped in the basement in case of emergency.

The window is coupled with a large well which will assist in evacuation. The egress window will also have a built-in ladder which will be installed inside the shaft, easily accessible from the window. The top of the shaft will be safeguarded with a grate which can be opened up from the inside.

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